Rice dishes from around the world

When you think of rice, the first image that comes to your mind is the bland, boiled or steamed white grains. But rice is a versatile food that was given a different outlook when different countries adopted it as their prime source of carbs.

Here are a few interesting preparations of rice from around the world. This is the second part of the list of popular rice dishes from around the world.

Kabuli Pulao from Afghanistan– It is the Afghan national dish. Kabuli Pulao derives its name from the state capital Kabul. It is steamed rice with raisins, carrots, lamb or beef, abundant with sweet and warming spices like turmeric and cumin.

Ci Fan Tuan from China — Ci Fan Tuan is fried dough (Youtiao) tightly wrapped with glutinous rice and is eaten with sweet or savoury soy milk. It is very popular breakfast food in China.

Chazuke from Japan — This special rice preparation from Japan includes pouring hot green tea over rice and topped with pickled vegetables, seaweed, salmon or even grilled eel.

Bibimbap from Korea –Bibimbap is rice seasoned with sesame seed and served in a bowl with various toppings like eggs, beef, kimchi, carrots, cucumber, mushrooms and a very spicy red chilly sauce.

Congee from China — Another popular Chinese dish of rice is Congee. It is savoury rice porridge served with chicken, green onions, ginger and in some cases, oyster sauce.

Arroz de Lisa from Colombia — This non-vegetarian fare is made with rice and mullet fish and is a popular traditional Colombian food. Traditionally, the dish is served on a bijou leaf with onions, spices, steno cheese and a creamy yoghurt sauce.

Kushari from Egypt — Kushari is the national dish of Egypt. It is a dish made with rice, lentils, macaroni, onions, cumin and coriander topped with a spicy tomato sauce.

Waakye from Ghana — Like much other African food, Waakye from Ghana is simple yet very filling and nourishing. Rice and beans are cooked in a banana leaf and then eaten with boiled eggs, meat or fish, avocados, coleslaw, finely grated cassava and fried plantains and sometimes topped with black pepper sauce.

Biryani from India — Biryani is one of the most popular rice dishes all over the world. Basmati rice, meat (chicken or lamb) and spices like black pepper, saffron, cardamom, cumin, mint, ginger and bay leaf are used to prepare Biryani and are traditionally cooked in an earthen pot. Potatoes, nuts, dried fruits and yoghurts are some regional additions to Biryani.

HtaminJin from Myanmar–HtaminJin is fermented rice flavoured with turmeric and topped with boiled fish, tomato paste, mashed potatoes and garlic and is served with roasted chilli flakes in oil.



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