Peer Pressure- Effect and Tips

Peer pressure impacts self-confidence adversely. Generally, there are two types of people: Trendsetter and Follower.

Our life often gets influenced by our family, friends, partners, or colleagues. When their thinking styles, preferences, and behaviors impact the way we live, it is peer pressure. Some of us might be able to snub it effortlessly, while it harms others. However, adults fail to understand that peer pressure can be vulnerable for teenagers.

We often that growing up is a challenge in itself. Teenagers find it difficult to balance between identity crisis and independent lifestyle. As a result, they look out for inspirations and outlooks. It is the general way we grow up in society. First, however, we must learn to differentiate and deal with peer pressure. It might take time, but with the appropriate guidance, teens end up making better choices.

Peer pressure impacts self-confidence. Our life gets influenced, both negatively and positively. The negative peer can hamper the self-esteem of any teenager, making them someone who isn’t sure about themselves. It generally targets sensitive areas, such as height, weight, color, and looks. As a result of low self-esteem, teenagers often fail to shine in life.

Peer pressure affects academic performance. While in a school/college, teenagers find it crucial to get accepted by groups. It means peer group’s approval gets placed over everything else in their life, including their academic performance.

The negative influence of peer pressure can impact the child’s ability to perform well According to experts, the effort given by teenagers to be a part of the peer group is higher than efforts for achieving academic excellence.

However, they ignore it with confidence and accept it as a lifestyle to follow. Peer pressure gets so strong that they do not realize its long-term consequences on health.

Peer pressure also creates distance from family and friends. Nobody understands us –is the patent dialogue used by most teenagers. They think that the entire world is against them, which isn’t true. Sometimes peer pressure influence draws teenagers away from their family and friends. They exclude themselves from everything and fall into bad company.

These are a few effects of peer pressure. Therefore, parents and teachers must take the initiative to stop them from getting driven away in such ways. With the correct guidance and support, teenagers might grow to differentiate between a bad company and moral support.



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