Five Highest Mountain Peaks on Earth

Mountains have always fascinated people and during the ancient and medieval times, mountain ranges always helped countries to protect themselves from invaders. Climbing mountain peaks is on the bucket list of adventure junkies. Here we are giving a rundown of the five tallest mountains in the world.

Mt. Everest -8,848 Meters

Mt. Everest without a doubt is the most well-known mountain peak and it’s the highest mountain peak on the earth above sea level that standing tall at a height of 8,848 Meters.

Mt. Everest is located in the Mahalangur Range of the Tibetan Plateau which is known as Qing ZangGaoyuan. In Nepal, it lies in Sagarmatha national park in the Solukhumbu district. One can have access to Mount Everest from both Nepal and Tibet side (China).

The Nepal side of Everest is more reachable than the one on the China side. Mt. Everest was first climbed in the year 1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norway.

K2–8,611 Meters

K2 located on the China-Pakistan border is the second-highest mountain on the earth with a height of 8,611 meters

With a height of 86,11 meters, K2 is the second-highest mountain peak in the world after Everest. It lies on the Pakistan-China border and is the uppermost point of the Karakoram mountain range and the tallest peak in both Pakistan and Xinjiang. The unique and peculiar name is taken from the notation used by the Great Trigonometrical Survey of British India.

Kangchenjunga- 8,586 Meters

Kangchenjunga is the third highest peak above sea level and its height is 8,586 Meters. It’s located in the Sikkim state of India and Nepal.

Kangchenjunga stands tall at the height of 8,586 meters and it is situated between India and Nepal. Two of its three of the five peaks (Main, Central, and South) are located on the border, and the rest two (West and Kangbachen) are located in Taplejung District, Nepal. It is the most picturesque mountain peak on this list and every year many people visit nearby towns or its base camp to experience its beauty.

Lhotse — 8,516 meters

Lhotse is the fourth tallest mountain range in the world above sea level with a height of 8,516 meters. It lies on the border between TAR, China, and the Khumbu region of Nepal.

Lhotse is quite famous and one of the most visited base camps because of its proximity the Mount Everest. The main summit of Lhotse was first climbed by a Swiss team of Ernst Reiss and Fritz Luchsinger on 18th May 1956 and it remained unconquered till 2011 when a team of Russian expedition team climbed it to the peak.

Makalu- 8,485 meters

Makalu with a height of 8,485 meters is the fifth highest mountain on the earth above sea level. It lies between the Mahalangur Himalayas on the border between Nepal and Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), China.

Makalu is the fifth highest mountain peak in the world and it was first climbed by a team of a French expedition led by Jean Franco in the year 1955. The interesting thing about this Mountain peak is that Mt. Everest is located just 20 km away from it. Makalu is considered one of the toughest mountains to climb.



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