We have our stories and opinion that we wish to share with the world. Not all of us are comfortable with podcasts or videos, or stage shoes, so we have plenty of blogger’s websites.

But what is blog? If you are more of writing person, a blog can help you talk to the world. It can be in the form of diary, journal article or easy. Blog helps us to be creative while expressing our thoughts and experiences.

There are no such criteria for you to fulfill before starting, but these are some common doubts you might have before signing up on any blogger’s websites.

What should I write? There are no restrictions on the number of categories you choose to write blogs. But if you decide to follow a particular genre while selecting the topic, it will help you with competitions. Find a theme according to your interest and knowledge so that you never get bored of it.

How do I create different looking content? Stop focusing on how to write differently and concentrate on the quality of writing. Thousands of bloggers posts daily, and their contents are kinds of the same. It is not how different your content looks but how creative you can be. Try to focus on the things you are involved with, such as music, books, cooking etc.

Who is my target audience? After deciding on theme, invest your time to research the audiences. Remember that every genre has its target audience. Based on the audiences, now you can being to work on your writing style, length language of the blog.

What should be my blog frequency? In the beginning, it is important to post frequently (post daily for better engagement). But never compromise on your writing quality to maintain consistency. Your blog’s must be relevant to your readers so that they come back for your next story.

How will I promote my writings? Firstly, you need to have some regular readers, and secondly, those who visit your blogs must retain themselves. And for that, you must learn more about the activities and behavior of your target audience. Collecting the required data, you can jot down an effective marketing strategy to gain more subscribers.

Will I earn money writing blogs? Yes, you will get paid for writing blogs. Not instantly, but with the growing subscribers and popularity, the blogger’s website will pay you for your posts. Blogging as a sources of earning money is long term planning.