5 Animals that May go Extinct Due to Climate Change

sana khalil
3 min readNov 24, 2021

Animals like polar bears & green turtles need proactive conservation!

Climate change has put a huge number of animal species at risk of extinction. The greatest threat to humanity, climate change is evident all around us. Simply put, it refers to the changes in global climate patterns caused by the excessive emissions of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. As a result, our planet’s average temperature has increased by 1 ⁰C over the last century.

The condition is scarier than it sounds, as it’s getting worse with each passing day. While there are many effects, the most dangerous one is unquestionably the extinction risk of several animal species out there. So, without more ado, let’s have a look at the five animals that are threatened most by the ongoing climate change.

Polar Bears

Polar bears live in the sea-ice environment of the Arctic. As per some reports, they are atop the list of the animals that are vulnerable to extinction due to climate change. These animals feed on seals that live under the ice sheets. As the increasing temperature is causing a decline in the Arctic Sea ice, polar bears are now in a shortage of food and likely to be lost within a century.

Green Turtles

The development of green turtles is high endangered due to climate change. The warmer temperatures produce female turtles, while the cooler temperatures produce male turtles. As the global temperature is increasing rapidly, it is disrupting the gender ratio of green turtles. Needless to say, that this can extinct the species in near future.

Adelie Penguins

Residents of Antarctica, Adelie penguins eat krill’s that live beneath the ice sheets. The ice is melting due to the increasing temperature, which is affecting the krill population to a large extent. So as a result, the penguins are now seeing a major shortage of food. A recent study has shown that at least 60% of the present population of Adelie penguins are going to extinct by 2100.

Giant Pandas

Giant Pandas are native to the forests of South-central China More than 90% of their diet is dependent on bamboos — which are getting very much affected by the ongoing climate change. So, within a century, these pandas are probably going to extinct due to hunger. This puts huge pressure on the ecological balance of nature.

Asian Elephants

Native to grasslands and tropical forests of Southeast Asia, these elephants are extremely sensitive to the warmer temperatures. Also, climate change is affecting the growth of grasses and other plants those Asian elephants eat. On the other hand, the ongoing water scarcity (another effect of climate change) is also leaving the animals at risk of extinction.

Apart from these five animals, the list also includes Koalas, Coral Reefs, Monarch Butterfly, American Pika, and more